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Here are some questions that I've been asked a lot.  Instead of responding to you all individualy, I've made this page.

If you actually have a question that's not here you can email The Anti Rants

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Q.  Do you have a webcam?

A.  No, and if I did I wouldn't be letting a creep like you view it.


Q:  Are you a guy or a girl?

A:  Does it really matter?  And if it does then you should read the Anti-Spam Rant

where I make the answer quite clear.


Q.  I want to write a rant.  Can I send you a rant, and you post it?

A.  If you write a good rant then I will post it.  I'll give you credit. 

Just email it in and well see


Q.  Would you like to go out for dinner-and-a-movie?

A.  No.


Q.  Why do you hate so many people?

A.  I hate because I was raised in the wilderness by angry possums.  If you had my parents

you'd hate too.


Q.  Where are the toons?

A.  They'll be up soon enough.  It's a lot of work making those Flash Toons.  I'm working on

making them as good as possible.


Q.  What's wrong with Republicans?

A.  If you're asking that question, then you don't deserve to be here.  Leave now.