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The Anti-Lawsuit Rant

I hate greedy bastards.  I hate people that want to make an easy buck via the legal system.  I think it's my pet peeve.  All these assholes that get into fender benders with an expensive car, and sustain these "horrible" injuries are just a bunch of money grubbing, bottom-feeders that should be drawn and quartered.  Seriously.  The lawsuits are out of control.  People want to sue everyone for everything.  Fat bastards want to sue McDonalds.  Smokers with cancer want to sue the cigarette companies.  People with crazy-fucko kids want to sue musicians and movie makers.  People who get shot want to sue the gun companies for making the god damn gun.  Notice the pattern here?  No personal responsibility is being taken by anyone!  All these people are just blaming others for their mistakes and problems, instead of saying "Hey, maybe the reason Timmy shot Sally in the face isn't because he watched Evil Dead and listened to Marilyn Manson...maybe it's because I'M A PIECE OF SHIT PARENT!"  Or "Maybe I'm a fat fuck, not because McDonalds sells Big Macs, but because I eat five of them...and think that a diet coke is going to save me."  No. No. No.  That's BLASPHEMY!  People couldn't blame themselves, because that may actually result in them being held accountable for something, and this is America!  The land of "pass the buck".  Why should we say it's our fault when we could blame someone else and completely absolve ourselves of our sins, because some dumb bastards decided that they wanted to make money.

The Moral of the story:  All those money-grubbing wankers, lung cancer patients, fat bastards, and Columbine parents need to fire their lawyers, and take a look in the mirror because it's THEIR FAULT.