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 The Anti-Children Rant

Every time I go into El Torrito it's the same old shit.  Some snot-nosed brat is throwing a nasty little fit.  Now, one would assume that when a children is acting as an organic bullhorn in the middle of a crowded restaurant the parent(s) would either a) leave the restaurant or b) take the children to the bathroom and give them a lesson on the "real reason to cry".  But alas, these parent do none of these things.  They just sit there eating their meal like nothing is going on.  These brains have obviously shut down the reaction to screaming children.  Unfortunately mine has not, so I get to listen to the racket throughout dinner.  All these god damn parenting books are tell people not to hit their children.  Fuck those books.  They were written by hippies whose children grew up to be axe murderers.  A good spanking does a child good. So...

Moral of the story:  Be a parent.  Punch your children.